h Female model in Free People's Summer '22 campaign

Free People | Summer 2022

September 21, 2022

(1/1) Free People continues to push their game by casting powerful female athletes and finding clever music for campaigns like this one for FP Movement. This super fun music search started in 90s jock jam territory and finished with letherette’s “Woop Baby,” an unexpected choice that totally delivers with its modern re-envisioning of “I’ll Take Care Of You” by Ollie Nightingale (1971). Much love to Ninja Tune, Mr Bongo, and Third Side Music for hooking up this song!

Watch: FP Movement Presents: Shorts, Skorts & Sports – https://vimeo.com/752208633



(1/2) Another awesome music supervision project for Free People, which sports “Magic Arrow” by Timber Timbre, a thrumming soundtrack that evokes the spirit of the work.

Watch: Free People Presents: Feel Free in FP – https://vimeo.com/730140738

Female model in Free People's Summer '22 campaign