Marc Jacobs | Runway Fall 2021 x Verizon | 2021 Credo

September 16, 2021

It was a privilege to place existing recordings by experimental composers Max Richter & Rob Simonsen, both giants in the neoclassical game today, in two projects backed by Marc Jacobs & Verizon, respectively. “November” from Max Richter’s solo debut, “Memoryhouse,” was used in Marc Jacobs’ 2021 Runway Campaign at the grand New York Public Library (his 1st show staged in 16 months). “Strong,” an unreleased composition by Rob Simonsen, was the soundtrack for Verizon’s 2021 Credo, produced by UnBound MediaWorks. Landing big names on a very tight timeline, which was the case here, is possible largely due to having solid relationships with the partners who hold the keys to these catalogs. Many thanks to the sync teams at BBC & UMPG, & to Tim Husom for quick responses & coming through for me. I’ll always remember it!

Watch Marc Jacobs | Runway Fall 2021: https://vimeo.com/605767434

Watch Verizon | 2021 Credo: https://vimeo.com/507596719